1. Background Information

Goal of the Festival

The International Children Festival “Let’s Change the World for the Better!” was initiated by Ukraine in 2001.

The goal of the Festival aligns with the resolutions of the 31st (2002) and 62nd (2007) UN General Assembly’s Special Sessions on Children.

Key objectives of the Festival - promotion of principles of tolerance, equality and diversity of thoughts among children of different nationalities and religions by giving them the opportunity to live in multicultural environment.

The International Children Festival “Let’s Change the World for the Better!”:

- invites attention of the world community towards the status of children;

- provides opportunities for the development of international children’s movement;

- creates conditions for the children to express their opinions about the everyday life challenges, world without violence and enmity, peaceful and stable global development;

- helps children communicate their initiatives to the leaders of states and international organizations;

- assists in establishing, developing and strengthening friendly neighborly relations among countries, multicultural and multinational collaboration among children, international integration, develops culture of multinational communication in children, encourages them to deeply study national traditions, customs, and cultures, enhances the preservation of eternal human values.

- induces thinking, individual intellectual, communicative, and creative abilities; identifies common interests among children of different nations;

- welcomes positive communication among children by their participation in discussions, trainings, forums, contests, competitions, exhibitions, festivities; introduces national traditions and customs, contributes to sharing creative achievements in various arts;

- fosters the talents of the children;

- is an example of creative cooperation among children of various nations.

The Emblem of the Festival – seven palms of the rainbow colors arranged in a circle which symbolize the unity of cultures, equal rights for all people, striving for openness, freedom, social development and peacemaking.

Anthem of the Festival – a song performed in various languages, in the heart are the following words: “One planet we have for all, let it be better at all. Children of planet let’s change the world, it’ll be friendlier, joyful and voiced!”

Location of the Festival – Artek International Children Centre, the largest children recreational area of Ukraine under the auspices of UNESCO. Artek ICC is located on the Black Sea shore, near the town of Gurzuf, AR of Crimea (http//www.artek.org)

Artek ICC was founded in 1925. Since then it has hosted nearly 1.5 million children from as many as 130 world countries. Today it consists of 10 camps, which can accommodate up to 4 000 children at the same time.


The festive period lasts from July 20 through August 01, 2013.

Arrival – not earlier than July 17, departure – not later than August 04.

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