3. Participants

National delegations - organized children’s groups – are invited to the Festival.
The invitations to the Festival are sent via Diplomatic Missions of Ukraine abroad and are posted on the official web-site of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation of Hope and Good www.hope-good.net and on its Facebook page.
The organizing team creates conditions for the community of interests of friendly, tolerant and gifted representatives of the world.
The delegations of children aged 12-16 (the age of children depends on the programme of the Festival and Artek ICC terms of stay) with good interpersonal communication skills and feeling of responsibility are invited to the Festival.
Children are expected to speak Ukrainian, or Russian, or English.
Organizing team decides on a number of participants for each delegation applied for the participation in the Festival, according to the Festival terms and conditions.
Citizens of Ukraine, who permanently live abroad, can not be members of a foreign delegation.
Members for each delegation are selected by a participating country, according to the Festival programme.
Organizing team reserves the right to send personal invitations to participants, according to the Festival programme.

Organizing team can cover the expenses related to the participation of a child in the International Children Festival “Let’s change the world for the better!” only once! Every next participation of the same child is possible only through the personal invitation sent by the organizing team or at one’s own expense if there are vacant places in the Festival camps confirmed.

The national delegation is headed by 1 adult leader who:
- sends the Application form to the Organizing Committee by the deadline and assures the arrival of the delegation, according to the set dates and requirements;
- must speak one of the working languages of the Festival - Ukrainian, Russian, English;
- has practical experience of work with children;
- is familiarized with the Festival programme and requirements of the organizing team;
- ensures the participation of children in the Festival events;
- obtains from parents: 1) written consent to use pictures and videos of their children on Internet pages with open and free access as well as in Festival’s printed and video materials, 2) written permission for the children to swim in the sea, 3) and written permission for the children to hike in the Crimean mountains;
- contributes to children’s education, helps with the establishment of peaceful, friendly relations among children within a temporary-formed group, promotes respect regardless of national and religious traditions and preferences;
- promotes a healthy lifestyle;
- follows personally and encourages children from his/her delegation to follow the Festival rules and regulations that were set to keep all the participants healthy and safe.
The number of adult delegation leaders is limited due to Artek ICC conditions.

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