4. Terms of stay

Terms of Stay for Children

International Children Centre Artek has all necessary conditions for meaningful communication and leisure time of children – participation in festivities and celebrations, opportunity to discover new talents and skills, make new friends, get new knowledge in different areas of culture, and improve one’s health.

Children live in comfortable eight-bed rooms of Yantarnyi and Khrustalnyi camps; every room is furnished with air conditioning, in-room WC and shower. Baggage is stored in a storage room which can be accessed during a day. Children’s money are saved at personal accounts in a cash office and can be issued by request.

The national delegations are united into separate groups up to 30 children each.

Given the requests of children, who participated in previous Festivals, and positive experience gained by the organizing team during many years, these groups include multilingual representatives of different continents, nationalities and religions.

The children are supervised by the educational staff of Artek ICC who:

- provides safety of children’s life and health;

- helps with psychological adaptation in temporary-formed groups, helps to create positive psychological microclimate within groups of different nationalities, create an atmosphere of common understanding and respect, constructive communication and common interests, create conditions for developing individual and communicative skills;

- makes sure that children keep the internal rules and day-to-day schedule;

- assists with the coordination of children’s participation in the Festival events.

Children are provided with Аrtek ICC seasonal uniform (shirts, t-shirts, shorts, pants and jackets, hats) depending on weather conditions. Wearing uniform is a must at all general events.

Children are expected to have at least 2 pairs of their own footwear, slippers, sports shoes, sportswear and swim suits, socks, tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, hair comb or brush. Children must have skid-proof shoes because of local mountainous relief!

The children are provided with 5 meals a day. There are shops on the camp territory, where one can buy water, soda, juices, sweets, cookies, ice-cream, souvenirs and individual hygiene means. There are also public telephones and Internet at service.

Safe accommodation and participation of children in Festival events is ensured by the Security Service of the Artek ICC.

Terms of Stay for Delegation Leaders

The leaders of delegations are accommodated separately from children in two-bed or four-bed rooms in Artek ICC hotels.

The provisional additional program for the delegation leaders includes national welcoming parties, master classes, discussions, roundtable meetings, joint cultural events, sharing of experience, learning more about Artek ICC, etc.

The leaders of delegations are provided with 3 meals a day and local transportation around Artek ICC, according to a timetable.

Medical Requirements

1. Upon arrival in Artek ICC, the leaders of the delegations shall submit children’s personal medical records and health insurance certificates for each member of the delegation to the Medical Office.

Personal medical records of children must be completed by a physician at their areas of residence and include comprehensive description of health condition, epidemiology situation and list of vaccinations (translated into Ukrainian, Russian or English).

Health insurance certificates should cover the entire territory of Ukraine! If it is impossible to obtain such certificate in a home country or upon participants’ wish, such certificate can be issued in Artek ICC upon arrival.

Upon arrival, children undergo medical examination performed by professional medical staff of the Artek ICC.

Please, note that in order to ensure the appropriate sanitary and epidemiology control in the Festival village, children without personal medical records and health insurance certificates are not allowed to participate in the Festival, they will be immediately isolated and will have to return home at their own expense.

The leaders of the delegations should also have health insurance certificatesand be healthy and fit enough to endure thesubtropical climate and mountainous relief of the AR of Crimea.

2. Absolute contraindications to staying in Artek ICC are:

- all acute conditions;

- all forms of TB of various organs & systems;

- rheumatism in active and inactive phase (unless no more specialized observation is recommended);

- hypertension;

- epilepsy, convulsions and similar conditions;

- acute mental diseases and reactive states;

- diabetes, thyrotoxicosis;

- all infectious diseases and parasitic skin diseases.

Not earlier than 5 years after the following acute processes are gone:

1. Acquired and congenital heart and blood vessel diseases, including the ones after surgery;

2. Blood diseases and diseases of blood-forming organs;

3. Bronchiectatic disease, bronchial asthma;

4. Gastric and duodenal ulcers;

5. Acute nephritis, pyelonephritis, chronic nephritis, kidney stone disease, congenital kidney anomaly, accompanied with functional disorders.

While recovering after infections, the incubation period of a disease is taken into account.

In case of illness, Artek ICC provides medical care to a child, according to the health insurance certificate, till the end of his/her stay at the Festival.

Departure of a child after recovery is negotiated with a child’s parents, organizing team of the Festival, and delegation leader.

Financial terms

Organizing team provides accommodation and meals to the participants, their local transportation around Artek ICC, transfer to/from Simferopol airport or railway station.

Travel expenses to/from Simferopol are to be covered by the participants.

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