5. Programme

The Programme of the Festival covers the following areas:

1. Activities under the International NGO “World Children League of Nations” and OSCE Children and Youth Summit.

2. Creative activities under the programme “Planet of Talents”.

Key Festival events:

- opening and closing ceremonies of the Festival;

- the fourth session of the General Assembly of the International NGO “World Children League of Nations” and OSCE Children and Youth Summit;

- national days;

- contest of talents;

- Peace Day.

INGO “World Children League of Nations” and OSCE Children and Youth Summit.

Leaders of NGOs, representatives of children’s parliaments, school governments, young journalists, participants of volunteer movementare welcome to participate.

“Planet of Talents”

Young talented people who can sing, dance, play music, perform, show magic tricks, etc., and who can demonstrate experience and achievements in national or international art events are invited to take part in this Programme.

Specific features of the performance of young talented people are to be agreed with the organizing team.

Performers prepare their stuff themselves (music, musical instruments, props, special devices, etc.).

Various concerts, contests, performances, master-classes, art-rooms are planned under the programme. Young talented people should be ready to contribute to the gala show on Peace Day.

National Days

National Days are held in concert by several national delegations.

The main components of the event:

- national flag ceremony with brief welcoming from the delegations;

- issue of joint wall newspapers;

- holiday in a park zone with interactive exhibitions, photos, printed materials, national souvenirs, games, and contests

- evening entertaining programme.

Peace Day

Peace Day is a huge holiday for all the participants of the International Children Festival “Let’s Change the World for the Better!”, the main events of which are:

- joint exhibition of participants (pictures, applied arts, newspapers, etc.);

- meetings with honorable guests;

- press-conference;

- final meeting of the General Assembly of the International NGO “World Children League of Nations”, meeting of the OSCE Children and Youth Council of Ministers, Summit closing ceremony;

- gala show.

Opening & Closing Ceremonies of the Festival

Representatives of all delegations take part in the Ceremonies. They include: parade of delegations in national costumes, hoisting of a Festival flag and national flags of participating countries; performance of the Festival anthem; welcoming from the organizing team.

For the Festival events, each delegation shall bring:

· 2 large national flags (for hoisting and fixing on the flagpole) sized 1.5 m × 1.0 m;

· small national flags;

· national anthem in CDR/MP3 format;

· video about country (duration up to 5 min.);

· national stuff and symbols – national costumes, hats, etc.;

· materials for the exhibition on the National Days;

· national music, songs in native languages in CDR/MP3 format to be used at disco parties.

Also, the Festival offers:

· International Children Press-Centre (participation in press-conferences and meetings, coverage of festival events in Internet, preparation of photo and video materials, issue of TV dairies and radio programmes; newspapers, leaflets, etc.);

· Evening entertainment programmes,

· Sport competitions (soccer, volleyball, basketball, orienteering and table games, etc.);

· Hobby clubs (floristry, applied arts, painting, soft toys, fancy-work),

· Swimming and sea voyages,

· Hiking;

· Excursions.

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