7. OSCE Children and Youth Summit


OSCE pays much attention to education and development of young people. Project areas embrace wide range of issues from human rights to environment protection, tolerance promotion and national minority support, etc.

In 2008, the most vital issues have been offered for discussion for students from more than 30 OSCE participating states. The discussion took place under the three-day conference “OSCE Model” in Vienna, Austria. Although the conference was very successful, similar events for young people from all OSCE participating states have not been held since then.

Under the chairmanship of Ukraine in OSCE, the idea would be to suggest that children and young people from OSCE participating states and partners for co-operation should discuss the most urgent issues of co-operation in all three dimensions of this distinguished Organization.

The goal of the Summit is:

· To introduce children and youth to OSCE activities in all three dimensions and present OSCE tools to address challenges and security and stability threats in the region of OSCE coverage;

· To establish direct contacts among children and youth from OSCE participating states and partners for co-operation in search for the common vision and possible ways of strengthening interaction when trying to solve global problems;

· To build children-and-youth platform to share opinions and promote multinational communication aimed at developing tolerance, national self-awareness, as well as leadership capacity.

Key objectives of the Summit are:

o Introduce children and youth to the OSCE performance;

o Encourage children to express their opinions about modern-life challenges, promote idea of the world without violence and hostility, support peace and stability, raise awareness and build capacity of young people regarding peaceful problem solution;

o Increase the role of children and youth in decision making process at the level of international organizations, including OSCE; support the communication of children and youth initiatives to the OSCE leadership, OSCE participating states and partners for co-operation;

o Identify leadership skills in children and youth and encourage them to actively participate in youth organizations, which train future leaders and managers;

o Motivate children and young people to establish good contacts among one another and in a team; help them establish, develop and strengthen neighborly relations among countries, promote cultural and humanitarian co-operation in children and youth environment, international integration, develop culture of multinational communication in children and youth; encourage them to explore national traditions, customs and habits of their own countries; support the universal values;

o Ensure positive communication among children and young people by participating in discussions, trainings, forums, contests, exhibitions and competitions;

o Support the development of personal intellectual, communication, creative abilities and skills; find common interests in representatives of different nationalities; creative co-operation of children and young people of different nations;

o Develop tolerance and self-awareness in children and young people.

o Provide children and young people with opportunity to take part in a role-ply game like UN Model, European Youth Parliament or World Children League of Nations;

o Make annual international children and youth activities in Artec ICC a tradition.

Activities may include:

Mini-session “OSCE modeling”;

Multimedia presentation of individual projects focused on raising awareness on schoolchildren’s rights, promotion of tolerance and non-discrimination in schools, life safety, environmental protection;

Crisis management modeling;



Role play games;


Best logo contest (logo for the OSCE Children and Youth Summit, Ukraine-2013);

Publication of joint newspapers;

Mass media master-classes facilitated by professional reporters;

Presentations of art pieces created in concert;

Common art events.

The OSCE Children and Youth Summit is held under the motto “We are different – and this is our treasure, we are together – and this is our strength!

Status of the event and organizing team

The OSCE Children and Youth Summit will be carried out within the framework of the 12th International Children Festival “Let’s Change the World for the Better!” and the fourth session of the General Assembly of the INGO “World Children League of Nations”, under the auspices of the Ukraine’s chairmanship in OSCE.

The Summit will be organized by the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation of Hope and Good and Artek ICC.

The summit will be held with support from the Government of Ukraine, Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and OSCE Secretariat.


Venue – Artek International Children Centre (http://www.artek.ua, 41 Leninhradska St., town of Gurzuf, Yalta, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, 98645 Ukraine)

Dates – July 20 –August 1, 2013.

Arrival of participants – July 17, 2013, departure – by August 4, 2013.


Up to 5 children aged 12-16 accompanied by 1 adult from OSCE participating state or partner for co-operation are invited to take part in the Summit.

Invitations to the Summit will be sent via diplomatic pouch in the shape of a letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, incumbent OSCE Chair and Head of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation of Hope and Good to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of OSCE participating states and partners for co-operation. The invitations will be prepared by the OSCE Task Force of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine jointly with the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation of Hope and Good.

The final list of participants will be approved by the key organizing entity of the International Children Festival “Let’s Change the World for the Better!” and OSCE Children and Youth Summit - All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation of Hope and Good (e-mail: found_hg@i.ua, http://www.hope-good.net address: office 93, 22/7 Іnstytutska St., Kyiv 01021, Ukraine), depending on the number of applications submitted.

Information materials are posted on the official web-site of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation of Hope and Good www.hope-good.net and on its Facebook page.

Children are expected to speak Ukrainian, or Russian, or English.

The organizing team creates conditions for the community of interests of friendly, tolerant and gifted representatives of the world, who respond to the invitations.

Members for each delegation are selected by a participating country, according to the Summit programme.

Organizing team reserves the right to send personal invitations to participants, according to the Summit programme.

The national delegation adult leader:

- sends the Application form to the Organizing Committee by the deadline and assures the arrival of the delegation, according to the set dates and requirements;

- must speak one of the working languages of the Festival – Ukrainian/Russian/English;

- has practical experience of work with children;

- is familiarized with the Summit programme and requirements of the organizing team;

- ensures the participation of children in the Summit events;

- obtains from parents: 1) written consent to use pictures and videos of their children on Internet pages with open and free access as well as in Festival’s printed and video materials, 2) written permission for the children to swim in the sea, 3) and written permission for the children to hike in the Crimean mountains;

- contributes to children’s education, helps with the establishment of peaceful, friendly relations among children within a temporary-formed group, promotes respect regardless of national and religious traditions and preferences;

- promotes a healthy lifestyle;

- follows personally and encourages children from his/her delegation to follow the Festival rules and regulations that were set to keep all the participants healthy and safe.


Financial terms

Expenses related to the participation in the Summit are covered by the Organizing Team.

These expenses include: transfer (Simferopol airport/railway station - Artek ICC - Simferopol airport/railway station), accommodation, meals, cultural and educational agenda.

Terms of stay

Children live in comfortable eight-bed rooms of Yantarnyi and Khrustalnyi camps of Artek ICC, separately from adults. They are united in groups up to 30 children each. The children are constantly supervised by the educational staff of the Artek ICC. Safe accommodation and participation of children in events is ensured by the Security Service of the Artek ICC.


OSCE Children and Youth Summit agenda includes:

· Summit opening ceremony.

· Three platforms

o Role of youth in conflict prevention

o Protection of environment for the future

o Youth and Internet: opportunities and challenges

· Information campaign focuses on raising awareness among participants on modern-life challenges, OSCE initiatives and country presentation (including national flag ceremony; contests, games, contests of wall newspapers, interactive exhibitions, etc.).

The results of discussion in each group will be documented or presented in any other form (drawings, posters, origami, sculptures, etc.) and posted for general information.

· Meeting of OSCE Children and Youth Council of Ministers

· Summit closing ceremony (implies passing on the baton to representatives of Switzerland, which will be the OSCE Chair in 2014).

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