8. Registration

Deadline for the registration of participants is June 1, 2013. You are requested to e-mail completed application forms to the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation of Hope and Good at found_hg@i.ua(if you fail to meet this deadline please let us know ASAP!).

The delegation is allowed to arrive in Artek ICC only after having negotiated all participation issues with the organizing team.


Application Form

for the participants to the 12th International Children Festival

“Let’s Change the World for the Better!” and OSCE Children and Youth Summit

(Artek ICC, AR of Crimea, Ukraine)

Country __________________________________ Number of delegation members __________

National Coordinator:

Last Name First Name



Phone E-mail

Information about the delegation:

City/cities represented;

Name of organization represented;

Participation in the OSCE Children and Youth Summit (activity);

Participation in art events (activity).

Delegation Leader

Last name First Name

Sex Date of birth.

Passport No.


Telephone E-mail

List of Children (in alphabetic order)

Last name

First Name


Date of birth

Passport number

Arrival and Departure Information (with all transits):

Arrival Date



Train/ Flight #

Carriage #

Time of arrival in Simferopol (local time)

Departure Date




Flight #

Carriage #

Time of departure from Simferopol (local time)


Upon arrival in the Artek ICC, leaders of delegations shall submit to the Festival’s Organizing Team:

· completed application form;

· personal medical records of children, including vaccinations;

· health insurance certificates of children and delegation leader;

· passports of all delegation members;

Please, note that children without personal medical records are not allowed to the camps, they will be immediately isolated and will have to return home at their own expense.

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